on Thursday, 17 January 2013. Posted in News

We have been asked to do another makeover in one of Jaguar Landrover's staff restaurants. This is a service we are now well used to doing having completed over 20 restaurants in Jaguar Landrover sites in the past. Read on to find out more....

Axis has been responsible for designing, creating, producing & installing brands for use in Jaguar Landrover catering outlets for a number of years on behalf of the caterer.

axis signs jaguar 1 700x500

Here is a visualisation of a typical JUST DINE restaurant entrance featuring branded signage and menu facilities.

axis signs jaguar 3 700x500

This ia a typical Grab & Go area dressed to reinforce the brand look in the restaurant. In addition to these areas there is signage for the recycling area and a Comments Box for customer feedback.

axis signs jaguar 2 700x500

The brand extends outwardly into the seating area to help portray a professional and caring caterer with ethical trading information, healthy eating and general "please clear your tray" type messages.

After that, there pictures of beautiful Jaguar cars in gorgeous landscapes - difficult to beat from a design point of view. And, after all it is their dining room!

All of this signage will be installed during the working day one day next week.